Do I need a wedding planner?

This question a lot of couples busy planning their wedding day is asking.  Do I need a wedding planner?  The answer is simple and we will go through a couple of pointers that will help you answer this question.  A lot of couples see a wedding planner as an unnecessary expense. This not true. To a lot of couples, a wedding planner is a must and they cannot survive without one.

Wedding Planners are there to help you plan the wedding of your dreams.  You can still have the wedding you had in mind – if not even better when you hire a professional to help you plan it.  Below are some pointers when you should start to consider hiring a wedding planner.

wedding planner

Busy Schedule:

If you have an extremely busy schedule or work full time, it is best to get someone to assist you. A wedding planners job is to take all the wedding planning calls and organize everything accordingly.

Cannot take calls during business hours:

Some people can take calls during business hours and some cannot. If you cannot take personal calls during your work hours, then it is best to get someone to do it for you. Most wedding service providers only work during business hours and do not take calls after hours.

wedding planner

Not great with admin

There is a lot of admin to be done when planning a wedding. Deposit payments, service provider invoices, what is done, what still to do, contact people at the different wedding vendors etc. If you don’t like lists and we mean loads of them, then you should consider it.

Overwhelmed with the number of vendors available:

We know there are thousands of wedding professionals in South-Africa. Choosing the perfect ones for your wedding can be a daunting task. Wedding Planners have a list of preferred wedding service providers they use. This is also a way of guaranteeing the quality of vendors you get to choose from are much more valuable.

You cannot deal with stress:

If you cannot enjoy planning your wedding without having to stress the entire time, it’s time to hire someone to do it for you. Wedding Planners are professionals in planning weddings. They will quickly plan your dream wedding.

wedding planner

Not good with deadlines:

Are you always late or cannot stick to a deadline? Then it will be an excellent idea to hire someone that is on time and that will make sure your wedding is on time.

Don’t know how to put everything together:

Getting different wedding professionals is not that bad. However, getting everything together and to work together is a rather different ball game. You have to plan time tables and make sure wedding vendors are on time on the day.

Don’t have an eye for styling:

If you don’t have an idea of how to style a wedding table, flower bouquets and the list goes on.  Wedding Planners have a sense of style and if they don’t know how to do something, they will have a contact that can do a great job.

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