Emerald Era Wedding Invitation

We totally love all shades of dark Green! Today we share an Emerald Era Wedding Invitation with you.  Our level of excitement is through the roof.  This is one magical wedding invitation and something all brides-to-be should see.  Green is such a calming color.  It reminds one of the natural elements one is surrounded by daily.  Whether you live in the city and have pot plants on your balcony.  Or whether you live in the desert and surrounded by the most beautiful cactuses.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Secret Diary. They design the most beautiful wedding stationery you have ever seen.  It is the very first thing your guests would receive.  It will paint a picture of what to expect at your wedding.  Because Green is such a calming and luxury color, it will immediately is an indication to your guests what to expect.

We are excited to share some more pretty wedding stationery with you.

Emerald Era Wedding Invitation

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Feel free to visit their online shop where you can shop till you drop and choose from hundreds of different wedding stationery designs. If you are like us and want a customized design for your wedding stationery, we suggest that you contact Secret Diary directly.

Emerald Era Wedding Invitation

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