Should you consider an elopement wedding?

Should you consider an elopement wedding?  This is a question a lot of couples from around the world ask.  We do love elopement weddings, there’s just something special about them.  The freedom of doing whatever you want for your most special day.  Whether you get married at a luxurious resort or in court.  It is all up to you and you can do whatever makes you feel happy as a couple.

Most couples are scared of elopement weddings. They are scared about what their friends and family might say about their choice to rather elope than inviting guests.  Remember, it is your special day and you should do what feels right for you.  We do agree that elopement weddings are not for everyone, but if you think of it and need some convincing, read today’s article on Vivacious Weddings.

elopement wedding advice article


If you have a smaller budget and still want an amazing wedding experience, then elopement is a great idea. It is just you and your partner and the world.  You can decide when and where you want to get married.  It can be a fancy occasion all dressed up or it can be more toned down and relaxed.  The awesome thing about elopement weddings is that you can do whatever you like.

Easier to plan:

Don’t you like planning things?  Then an elopement wedding will be a breeze to plan.  Yes, there will still be some planning involved, but not a tenth of what a really large wedding planning would have been.

elopement wedding advice article elopement wedding advice article

Honeymoon and Wedding in one:

A lot of couples like that hey get to have their wedding and honeymoon in one.  You can spend the same amount of money as you would have spent at a large wedding.  Instead, you will be able to go on the most amazing honeymoon at the same time.   That’s the cool thing about the elopement.  You can get married at an exotic destination around the world without having to worry about how your guests will get there. Where guests will sleep etc.  It is just you and your partner.

Limited time to get married?

In today’s busy world where couples have to work or travel for business, time is limited.  If you don’t have a lot of time for a large wedding and you want to get married in no time – go for it.  You can go to the court to get married, do a photoshoot with a professional wedding photographer and go for a romantic dinner at a local restaurant.  Then the next day go for a lovely breakfast and then you can continue life as a married couple.

elopement wedding advice article elopement wedding advice article

Not in the mood for everyone else opinions:

At any wedding, you will have someone’s opinion.  They would have done the floral designs different, don’t like this, don’t like that.  We are sure you can imagine who those people you know are that will comment about your wedding day.  If you don’t want to deal with that directly, then the elopement would be a great choice for you.  You will have a great time with your partner without having to stress about other people’s opinions about your special day.

Way too many guests:

Do you have a huge amount of guests on your guest list and cannot invite everyone.   Most couples would rather not invite anyone than inviting only a select group of people to their wedding day.

elopement wedding advice article elopement wedding advice article

Looking for an adventure:

Adventure awaits!  You can have so much fun with an elopement wedding.  The world is open and awaiting you.  You can travel anywhere in the world and do anything you wish for your elopement wedding.  Travel to The Breakers in Palm Beach for a luxurious getaway.  Go on a Safari getaway to Royal Malewane in South-Africa. Why not travel to the Four Seasons Resort in Bora Bora for a luxurious island getaway.   These are just a couple of ideas.   We will soon publish some of our favorite honeymoon spots around the world on Vivacious Weddings.

You can still have guests:

You can obviously still have guests!  That’s totally up to you.  If you have a best friend or small group of friends you would love to invite to your adventure.  Why not? It is your special day and your adventure.  Do what makes you feel happy.  Another option is to have an informal dinner with friends and family when you return from your elopement wedding.  You can then celebrate with all your friends and family.  Showing them the photographs of your wedding and adventures.

elopement wedding advice article elopement wedding advice article

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