Wedding Timeline Advice

Your wedding timeline is the core of your wedding day and how everything will come together.  We share some wedding timeline advice with you today, that will take some of that unnecessary stress away.  It is extremely important that you have a wedding timeline in place for your wedding day. It isn’t just important for your wedding vendors to know what’s happening, but also your guests.

Imagine no one knows what time what’s happening. Crazy and chaotic!  That’s how your wedding day will end up.  It is important to create a structure that will work for all parties involved on the day of your wedding.  The very first thing to look at will be the locations of certain events on the day of your wedding.  Look at the distance they are from each other.  Example:  How far is the ceremony from where you are getting ready and remember to calculate your traveling in plus 15 minutes for unforeseen events like traffic etc.

Involve your photographer when planning your wedding timeline.  Your wedding photographer knows what kind of light is necessary for the best results.  Most photographers like the same light, but remember they are artists and each photographer has it’s own time of day they prefer to shoot in.   These times will also be different for the morning, day and evening weddings.  If the light is really bad there’s nothing your photographer can do to change that.  If the sun has set, it is set, if the sun is harsh, it is harsh – in short.

You have to understand how long certain things take on your wedding day, before planning your timeline.  For more wedding advice, visit our advice section on our blog. Enjoy this wedding timeline advice and implement it on your wedding day.

Wedding Timeline Advice

How long does it take?

 Below is a guideline of how long certain things will take on your wedding day:

  • Make-up and hair: 3 – 4 hours
  • Getting dressed:  20 minutes
  • Ceremony:  1 hour
  • Family portraits:  30 minutes
  • Venue:  3 to 4 hours
  • Couple photoshoot:  1 – 2 hours

Evening Weddings:

Now that you have the times it takes for certain things to be done.  Below is a guideline to an evening weddings timeline:

  • 11:00 Make-up and hair
  • 15:15 Getting dressed
  • 16:00 Ceremony
  • 17:00 Family portraits
  • 17:30 Couple photoshoot
  • 19:00 Venue

Wedding Timeline Advice

Morning/Day Weddings:

Now that you have the times it takes for certain things to be done.  Below is a guideline to a morning/day weddings timeline:

  • 07:00 Make-up and hair
  • 10:30 Getting dressed:  20 minutes
  • 11:00 Ceremony:  1 hour
  • 12:30 Family portraits:  30 minutes
  • 13:00 Venue:  3 to 4 hours
  • 17:00 Couple photoshoot

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