Things you should do before and while planning your wedding

Today we share some things you should do before your wedding while planning your wedding.  This might sound like an unimportant list of tips, but they are actually extremely important and will help you live a more balanced lifestyle while planning your big day.

We want you to be relaxed and not stressed about things outside of your control.  It is important to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle to help you achieve your goals.  Do everything that needs to be done without the burnout.  Get things done without feeling overwhelmed.   Below are some pointers we feel are important.  There are many other pointers, keep an eye on our blog for more tips!

Things you should do before your wedding

Eat Healthily:

We know planning your big day is no joke.  It means hours of searching around for vendors.  Interviewing different vendors.  Gathering information and trying to figure out what would work best for you. It is easy to drive to your local fast food restaurant and order a burger and fries or a delicious pizza.  We know it is all about comfortability and getting things done fast.

Eating healthy while planning your wedding is very important.  A well-balanced diet will make you feel more energetic and good about yourself.  You don’t have to stress about putting on extra kilo’s because you are already eating healthy.

Things you should do before your wedding

Beauty Products:

Stick to a beauty routine that works for you. Remember to use that HPF for the sun, even during winter months.  Do not change your beauty products within a month before your special day.  You never know if you might have an allergic reaction or if it just doesn’t work with your skin.  Stick to what you know works!

Things you should do before your wedding

Learn to Relax and Sleep:

Probably the most important point!  Remember to relax and to get a good night’s sleep in.  Most couples are so busy planning their wedding, that they forget to take some time to relax.  Get some proper night rest and remember to sleep well.  No one can manage any big task without getting proper sleep in.

Keep record:

Keep a record of everything you do.  Save e-mails in folders so that it is easy to find and file physical documents like quotations, invoices, receipts, and contracts. You never know when you might need them.  It is important to keep a record of what is going on.  What is planned thus far and what you still have to do?  The best way to this would be online.  Scan your physical documents so that you have an online copy of it.  This way is more accessible from your mobile device in case you need it quickly.

Because planning an event is not an easy task, you can ask your friends that’s already married.  Especially if you do not make use of a wedding planner.  You have to keep up with what is happening and not be overwhelmed and don’t know what’s happening.

Pay your wedding vendors:

This is not a joke!  Remember to pay your wedding vendors as per their payment deadlines.   Most people forget to pay wedding vendors because they are just so busy organizing everything that they forget to make payments.   That’s where our previous pointer, to keep record comes to play.  It will help you to have a proper to-do list in place.  Schedule payment reminders on your online calendar and never forget about them.

Things you should do before your wedding

Put together a timeline:

If you missed our importance of a timeline article before, read our advice on how to put together a timeline now.   It is extremely important that you have a wedding timeline in place for your wedding day. It isn’t just important for your wedding vendors to know what’s happening, but also your guests.

The day before your big day:

Go for a spa treatment and just relax as much as you can!  This is not the time to stress about your wedding and what needs to be done tomorrow.  You will just burn yourself out and not enjoy your special day.

Read through your vows again and memorize it as best as you can.  This way you will feel more at ease on the day of your wedding.

Have a lovely dinner and try to go to bed early, so that you get a great night’s sleep and healthy breakfast.  It is so important to keep on eating and drink water.

Try not to consume too many alcoholic beverages as this might make you feel tired the next day.

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