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Uwe Koetter Jewellers gives you some Engagement Ring tips.  Here’s professional advice from them:  The problem with trends is that they do exactly that – they trend, and then disappear and more often than not leave one thinking.  What was I thinking? One can’t trend with one’s fiancé. Even though some of us sometimes wish we could.  The question should be asked once, and the sentiment of the behind the ring is an eternal one.

And while it is great to choose a trendy engagement ring, one needs to honor the idea of “Once In a Lifetime” with it. So how do you balance being on point while honouring a timeless connection? Maybe by choosing what embodies your heart and that promise, but in ring form.

That’s a tall order, and luckily, this year’s trends are really pretty, and that helps a lot. Here’s a breakdown of this year’s trends:

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What’s rather liberating is that whatever speaks to you is rather trendy at the moment. We’re seeing a movement toward the rather non-traditional choice of a fancy-shaped diamonds (in pear, oval, baguette, triangle and even hexagonal shapes) rather than round-cut ones. We’re finding bespoke rings expressing who or what the couple is, are preferred to generic rings with no stories connected to them.

Uwe Koetter Jewellery Uwe Koetter Jewellery

Spoilt for Choice

Again, honouring your story and style is pivotal here. Many stories are set in a colour stone. Some are set in clusters (which we find more and more people are opting for), whether the clusters are offset by the main stone of the ring or gathered organically around it, it does not matter. What matters is that the love story is commemorated through the ring. Colour stones, lab-grown diamonds, cluster settings or traditional colourless diamonds: the choice is yours.

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Stack ‘em

One of the advantages of choosing the non-traditional path, is that the ring you choose can easily form part of a stack of rings: engagement, wedding band and eternity (which is usually gifted at anniversaries or significant milestones in relationships). Or even just as part of a stack other pretty little rings you love. Another option is to choose this option from the get-go, as stacked wedding bands are really popular at present.

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Set for Life

A decorated gallery setting allows one to keep the essence of your engagement ring simple (if you so wish), but to add detail in a unique way. Adding engravings, diamonds or precious stones to the gallery allows a bespoke element to be incorporated into the design (visit www.uwekoetter.com) of your ring without being flashy about it. But, if being flashy about it is what you want, that could be arranged too! Halo settings add extra shine to a diamond as they create the illusion of more diamonds by “enlarging” the shiny space around it. More clients are becoming adventurous by commissioning more detailed and decorated halo settings (rather than the traditional cushion halo setting) and the results are fantastic!

Uwe Koetter Jewellery Uwe Koetter Jewellery

Sparkly Scintillation

Yellow gold is back! We don’t want to call it vintage, because it isn’t really. But there is something classic about yellow gold that makes it so scintillatingly lovely that it just bumps it up into the vintage section before it even starts!.

The advantages of yellow gold is that it pairs well with almost any setting style (albeit vintage or modern), and offsets both color and colorless stones beautifully. Furthermore, it’s really trendy right now… so what’s not to love?

And talking of love, rose gold is just as delightful – with the added advantage of complementing most skin tones. We just LOVE gold. By the way – vintage designs are also trending. This, to us at Uwe Koetter, is great, as the intricacies of designing something as rich as a vintage ring is both inspiring and soulful.

So whilst you’re trying to figure out whether the trends you are following are best practice in terms of weddings and life and love, leave the designing and production to us. Part of the bespoke design service is CAD (computer aided design) is a 3D printed model. This means that you actually get to wear a prototype of the ring before the actual ring is produced, and if you aren’t happy with even the tiniest detail, we’ll ensure that you are. Trends come and go, but love doesn’t. And it needs to be honored. We’ll make sure that you are on point. Uwe Koetter Jewellers aren’t called South Africa’s Most Awarded Jeweller for nothing

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At Vivacious Weddings we love gorgeous engagement and wedding rings, we will definitely chat about this again in the future.  Uwe Koetter Jewellers 

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