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Today on Vivacious Weddings we get some color Diamond advice from the Rose and Stone Diamond Store.  Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and that’s definitely the truth.  We love diamonds and loads of them.   There’s nothing as pretty as a sparkling diamond and now you get color ones!  Super excited to share today’s article with you.  Read more about the color Diamond tips below.

color diamonds

A new direction for the jewelry industry:

It comes as no surprise that every individual that very soon wishes to walk down the aisle.  Lusts after their very own one-of-a-kind engagement ring.  And why should it not be so? Every couple’s love is unique.   An engagement ring should not only reflect that special connection but also be a symbol of their love.

The jewelry industry has been experiencing a new direction for a while now.   This direction is growing steadily as people realize the magnificence and unique beauty of color and opaque diamonds. You may have heard of these diamonds before: Salt and pepper diamonds or galaxy diamonds.  Midwinter Co, an American jewelry brand trademarked these stones as “Celestial diamonds”.  There is no denying that this trend is ever-growing.  And for the purpose of this article, these types of a diamond will be referred to as color diamonds.

color diamonds

What is the color of diamonds?

So, you’re probably wondering, “What are color diamonds?” You may be thinking about how they’re different.  Or how they compare to traditional white diamonds. Let’s investigate.

color diamonds, as with traditional white diamonds are formed deep within the Earth’s mantle.  Under extreme heat and pressure.  Trace elements and minerals are present during this process.  They get trapped in the inclusions and fractures of a diamond crystal cube.  Up until fairly recently, diamonds that contained heavy inclusions were regarded as rejects or industry-grade diamonds.

This is because they were seen as being “faulty” or “imperfect.” But they’re not.  While we’ve all been obsessed with the white diamond (for centuries), thousands of tons of ‘rough’ which includes colored diamonds (which had been mined) has been discarded.

Excellent quality:

Only the very ‘perfect’ diamonds have been cut and polished.  As long as they could be categorized into the 4 C’s. What is unequivocally more important here, is that we have missed out on the magic of color diamonds.  Color diamonds are considerably more environmentally friendly.  The mining process is less impactful.  Large amounts of rough are not shipped across the globe to get sifted through in search of the white and clean carat.

The different trace elements which are caught up in the diamonds lend to different colors and characteristics.  The most popular appearance in color diamonds is grey, and this is due to the presence of graphite – the reddish-brown color originating from iron oxide; and the yellow, from nitrogen.

Traditional white diamonds are predominantly cut into a brilliant cut.  The exact proportions of this cut mean that light is optimally refracted, which creates the brilliance and luster of a diamond. Considering that color diamonds are opaque and full of inclusions, it is not necessary to cut this kind of diamond into a brilliant cut.  Due to a diamond’s refractive index, luster and shine from the facets will always be beautifully present.

This means that color diamonds can be cut and polished into a plethora of interesting shapes and cuts.  Color diamonds are often cut into a rose cut, which in turn spoils the wearer with unique markings and inclusions, due to larger facets acting as little windows to the soul of the diamond.

color diamonds color diamonds

Why should you consider a color diamond?

Well, they are unique.  They are different and daring.  They are less expensive, which means you’re able to choose a bigger diamond if you so wish.  Especially compared to a traditional white diamond price.   As a bonus, the environmental impact of mining these diamonds is far less than that of the traditional white diamond.

Colour Diamond for Engagement Ringscolor diamonds Colour Diamond for Engagement Rings

About Rose and Stone Diamond Store

The Rose and Stone Diamond Store believes that the diamond a bride or groom chooses should reflect their individuality. And we’re here to help jewelers in the quest of doing exactly that.

The Rose and Stone Diamond Store is a company that specializes in unique color and opaque diamonds. For its beauty and individuality, each diamond is hand-selected. Each diamond above 0.50 cts is certified to assure the buyer that the diamond is natural. If you are interested in purchasing one of these wonders of the Earth, please feel free to get in touch or have your jeweler contact them.

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color diamonds Colour Diamond for Engagement Rings

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