Guest Etiquette at a Wedding

Guest Etiquette at a Wedding.  When inviting friends and family to a wedding you just want them to have a great time.  All of us like to have a great time, especially at our best friend’s, wedding.  Today’s article is not so much for the couple who is getting married, but rather for their guests.

We will highlight some pointers which we think is important:

Guest Etiquette at a Wedding


You would think that people understand the term RSVP, but some people don’t.  They will not RSVP for their friend or family members’ wedding and show up.  This is not cool at all.  If you don’t RSVP, please don’t show up.  It is rude to do so.

Couples spend thousands on their wedding catering. If you are not counted in for then you are not catered for.  It’s not about the couple being rude, it’s about you not planning correctly.

Always RSVP if you plan to attend the wedding.  If you cannot make the wedding advise the couple that you cannot make it.  You don’t have to explain your entire story why you cannot make it to them.

Guest Etiquette at a Wedding

Don’t be the drunk one at the wedding:

It is not good taste to be drunk at a friend of family members’ wedding.  Yes, if you can handle your alcohol then it’s great – go for it.  But, if you are someone that doesn’t do so well under the influence, don’t get to that point.

There’s nothing more annoying than having a drunk person.

Guest Etiquette at a Wedding

It’s not your wedding, stop asking for photographs:

Yes, this is not a joke, you get those people.  If it is not your wedding, then stop asking for hundreds of photographs from the photographer.  It is best if you don’t chat too much with the photographer.  The photographer is there to work and not chat with you. Most of the time you keep the photographer out of his/her work.

Guest Etiquette at a Wedding

Mobile usage at the wedding:

We all love a good old Instagram photo!  It is totally fine if you take a photo on your mobile.  However, remember the couple hired a professional photographer to take the official photographers.  Make sure you don’t get in the way with your mobile.

There are many couples that will ask guests to switch off their mobiles during the ceremony.   The reason for this is simple.  How does it look if a bride walks down the aisle and the only thing you see in the photographs are guests’ hands with their mobile?

Answering your mobile at a wedding is not a great taste.  If you have a job that requires you to answer your mobile, that’s fine, keep it on vibrate then.  However, if you just want to call a friend for a chat, that can really wait a little bit longer.

Being intrusive:

Don’t that person that try and run the show.  That’s why there are professional wedding planners and or wedding industry professionals.  It is not your place to start running the show.  You are a guest at the wedding – stay calm, relax and enjoy the wedding.   Don’t try and look important.   Everything will be fine if you stay at your table or on the dance floor.

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Guest Etiquette at a Wedding

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