How to source wedding vendors for your wedding without the stress

How to source the perfect wedding vendors without having to stress.  Planning your wedding is already a lot of work.  Finding the perfect wedding vendors might feel like a mission.  However, it’s much easier than you think.

Have a look at our curated wedding directory here and find wedding vendors from around the world.

Blogs with curated Wedding Directories:

International and local wedding blogs like Vivacious Weddings, Style Me Pretty, Junebug Weddings and Green Wedding Shoes also have directories.  Blogs with directories are such a valuable investment for wedding vendors.   The reason for this is that brides-to-be, like yourself, love getting advice and inspiration.  Building trust with a specific blog is like having a best friend helping you plan your wedding day.

Blogs have a strict curation process for both their editorial content and advertisers.  This means you will get excellent wedding vendors that usually have to fit in with the standards of the specific blog.  Some blogs even have standards like the number of wedding vendors should have done, you have to be active on social media and your website should be active and look excellent.

In short, you get to choose from a collection of amazing wedding professionals in a quick and user-friendly way without having to leave the site.

How to source wedding vendors

Online Wedding Directories:

This one is a bit more tricky.  There are some great wedding directories out there that showcase wedding vendors.  We are referring to wedding directories without any or limited editorial content.  These platforms focus on building a directory of wedding vendors for brides to choose from.  How it works:  Wedding vendors pay a subscription fee to list their business on these wedding directories.

There are some great wedding directories out there, but then there are also those ones which you need to be aware of.    Look at the social media platforms of the directory to figure out if this is a trusted source.  Search them online and see if there’s maybe any reviews.  If you are not sure, browse the wedding directory and look at the portfolios of the wedding vendors they list.

How to source wedding vendors

Social Media:

With the growth of social media over the years loads of wedding vendors decided to put their money in social media marketing.  This almost killed the blogging industry, however, balance is key.   Blogs usually supply a more curated market and clientele that’s looking for something specific.

Social Media is a great way to look at wedding vendors’ recent work and the stories the wedding vendors have to tell.  Remember the number of likes you have on social media doesn’t determine the success or professional level of the wedding vendor.

Other factors to take into consideration is to look if the wedding vendors work was featured on a blog or printed magazine.  This way you can validate that the wedding vendor does have that approved badge from a specific blog.

How to source wedding vendors

Find them using Search Engines:

Well, there’s always a quick google search for wedding vendors.  This is also a great way, but it is a little bit of work.  You have to physically put a list of everything you need together.  Then you need to sit and google each and every one of them.   Search Engines are a great way to find wedding vendors if you are happy to spend some time finding them.  Our tip would be to make a list of wedding vendors you find on the search engine.  Then search for them individually.  This way you can look at their website, portfolios and social media platforms.

Good old printed Magazines:

People forget about printed magazines.  Around the world printed magazines aren’t really used to source wedding vendors.  However, it still is a great source of inspiration and advice.  You can also find a couple of amazing wedding vendors, especially if you look at the credits of the editorial features.  Printed magazines, just like blogs have a strict curation process.

Word of Mouth:

This is still a great way of finding wedding vendors if you can trust the person’s word.  If your best friend that you know totally understands you and know what you like and dislike recommend someone, yes!  Then that can be a usable referral.   If someone you don’t really know to refer someone, make a note and go do your research.   Example: If someone recommends the most amazing photographer.  Your style might be more of a journalistic vibe for photography, but the person’s photographer shoots a more high fashion look.  That might not work for you.   Weddings are very personal, take note of the referrals, but do your homework before booking someone.


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