Moving in together for the first time

Moving in together for the first time can be overwhelming.  Most couples stay together before your wedding, however, this article might still have some great tips for you.  Don’t let little things irritate you and make you fight with your loved one.  We give you a couple of tips when moving in together.

It’s not just your space anymore:

We all love our own space and like to do whatever we feel like in our own space.  If you move in together this is not the case anymore.  However, it is not as bad as it sounds now.  You will have your own space and get to do what you want, but not alone.  You will have your loved one in the same space.

Remember that both of you want to do what you always did in your own space.  Our suggestion is to chat with one another and schedule some “me time”  where you do your own things during a specific period.

If you love reading a book on a Sunday afternoon on the couch and your partner loves listening to music.  Talk to each other and figure out if it will irritate your partner or not.  The most important thing is for you to take your partner into consideration.

You cannot have everything your way anymore.  You have to sacrifice some things to be able to find a mutual living environment.  The best way to this is to create an “I like” and “I don’t like”  list just to start off with.  This will help you understand each other’s way of doing things better.

Moving in together for the first time

Who does what?

This is a great question.  Most couples feel awkward to ask each other who want to do what.  We feel it is extremely important for couples to communicate about who does what in the house immediately when moving in together.  This will iron out any problems for the future issues you might have.

Someone needs to make food and someone needs to take out the bin.  Try and figure out who likes doing what.  Yes, some things aren’t as nice as other things, but it needs to be done.   If you know you cannot make food to save your life, then focus on other things you might be good at.  Some people love doing the washing and others love cooking.

Example:  If you have a dog that needs to be walked, will you do it together or will the one prepare the food and the other walk the dog.

Moving in together for the first time


Communication plays such a huge role in a relationship, whether you are dating or married.  You have to be able to communicate your feelings and emotions to one another.  This doesn’t just mean when things are great.  If you don’t like something, tell your partner without fighting with him or her.

Remember you have to share the same space with your loved one.  It can be an amazing space filled with loads of love and respect.  But, one has to communicate to keep the flow of things going without irritation.

If you really like doing something a certain way, explain to your partner why you like to do it that way.  Then he/she will understand why you like doing something a certain way.  Communication is key!

Making decisions:

We are talking about decisions within the living space.   This might be decor decisions or even house buying decisions.  This link in with our previous paragraph about communication.  Decision making and communication go hand in hand.

For example:  If you are really bad at making decor decisions and trust your partner to do that, then that’s great.  If you are great with budgeting, then that me the thing you want to focus on.

Moving in together is such a special time, don’t be overpowering and make every decision yourself.  Involved your partner in important decisions.  Even if you think it’s something stupid.  Let your partner be part of the decision making process.  This way you learn to know each other tastes when it comes to the living space.

Moving in together for the first time Moving in together for the first time

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