Wedding websites and why you should have one for your wedding

Wedding Websites

Wedding websites will help you manage your communication with your guests.  We will show you why you should have a wedding website.  It’s not just cool to have one, but also a great planning tool.  It will really make things easier for you.  Below are some pointers that we have put together for you to identify what a wedding website does.

Guest-list planner easy RSVP :

If you like to be organized and want to have everything in one place, then a wedding website will be your best friend.  With wedding websites integrated guest list planner, this job is easy.  You can easily import all your guests you want to invite to your website.  Most wedding websites have the functionality where guests can RSVP through the website.  This way you know you won’t forget who RSVP’d and who not.

You can also send out RSVP reminders to guests that haven’t yet RSVP’d to your wedding invite.

Easy Communication :

Because it’s online and easy to update, it is easy to communicate with your guests.  Inform your guests about the changes and the latest news about your wedding day.  Tell them about your engagement shoot.  If you want to, keep them in the loop of your wedding planning progress.

It’s also a great way to keep your guests informed about times and activities at the wedding.    You can even publish your breakfast, lunch or dinner menu of your wedding here.

Places to stay in the area:

You can have a list of places to stay in the area where you are getting married.  A lot of venues know about accommodation in the area.  It’s easy to add this to your places to stay section of your wedding website.  This will make it easier for your wedding guests to find reliable accommodation.   You can also chat with the various accommodation establishments about a discounted rate if you pre-book a certain amount of rooms.

It’s always difficult for guests to find accommodation.  Especially if they are not familiar with the area.  Help your guests by allowing them to choose from a list of accommodation you and your fiancée curated.

Let your guest add songs to your playlist:

This is so cool!  Yes, not all of the wedding websites have this functionality, but it’s so easy for them to add this.  Let your guests help you to plan your playlist.  Why not?

If you want to save time and want your guests to enjoy your wedding to the max, then allow them to choose which songs they would like to hear art your wedding.  Remember you will set out the structure of which songs play when.  But it’s always great to give a list of songs to your DJ beforehand.

It also prevents guests from bothering the DJ with unnecessary last-minute song requests.

Budget Planner:

Not all of the wedding websites have this functionality, but if they do, it’s a bonus.  This way you can have your entire wedding budget in the behind-the-scenes of your website.  Don’t stress.  Your guests won’t see this.  Only you and your fiancée will have access to your wedding budget planner.   It’s an awesome tool that will help you to keep a record of what you spend and where you spend it.  How much you still have left to spend.  Oh yes!  Also how much you went over budget, or do we rather want to skip that.

Guests can upload photos:

How cool is this?  Yes, some sites allow your guests to upload their mobile images photo’s to your wedding websites.  Back in the day couples used to have those little disposable cameras on the tables.  Those days are gone!  Now guests can use their own phones.  After your wedding, they can upload the photographs, which you can then download and print or store.  The more photos you have of your wedding the better.

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Write-up:  Vivacious Weddings
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