Bridal gowns and pajamas from Lilies and Lust is a must have

Bridal gowns and pajamas!  When you begin to plan your wedding, the decisions and lists become endless!  You put all your trust in service providers to meet your needs and expectations.  Very often, brides make impulsive choices due to the lack of time to do proper knowledge.  This is why Vivacious Weddings will do the research on your behalf!

We have come across Lilies and Lust who guarantees exceptional service and quality products.  They specialize in beautiful bridal robes and sleepwear to make you and your bridal party feel beautiful on your special day;  And most importantly, they do their utmost best to make the process as stress-free as possible.  Lilies and Lust offer personalized sleepwear, specially made according to your detailed request.  You can choose any material that your heart desires and they will handle all the nitty-gritty details of sourcing and ordering the material.  Then, you can choose a design from their collection, choose what you want to be embroidered on your design and get it delivered to your doorstep.  How much easier can it get?

Stop wasting time!  Scroll down for a glimpse of Lilies and Lust’s work and read more about their company.  You might just tick another box on your wedding to-do list.

The Lillies and Lust story:

Lilies and Lust were initially established in 2016 after founder and Managing Director, Rebecca Harrison, got married.  During the process, Rebecca ordered gowns for herself and her bridesmaids from a well known Durban supplier.  The experience was the most stressful of all the wedding planning activities (and any bride will tell you that’s not okay.)  After sourcing and selecting a custom fabric from a local fabric store, Rebecca was charged with the full gown prices and the additional fabric cost.  The bridesmaid’s names were embroidered on incorrect sizing and when queried and complained about, the response was “Sadly we do not do returns on personalized items, please see our return policy below.”

It was this experience that led to the realization that there was a gap in the market for suppliers who provide exceptional service while producing an impeccable product that can be personalized and customized with no additional stress to the wedding planning process.

And thus, Lilies and Lust was born.

Products of Lillies and Lust:

Lilies and Lust sells personalised, beautiful sleepwear and robes with the added bonus friendly and professional service.  Robes and sleepwear can be purchased from our ready-to-wear collections online with the option to personalize with embroidery.  There are also slippers on offer and they come standard with embroidery of choice.  The slippers are great as they are machine washable and have adjustable straps.

The real Lilies and Lust value add is custom sleepwear.  We will source and purchase fabric on behalf of our customers, ensuring a stress-free experience.  Then, we will manufacture robes or pajamas in the style they opt for at no additional cost.

We don’t have a factory;  All our custom wear is made by our wonderful seamstress, Joanna, from Bedfordview and our ready-to-wear is manufactured by a small CMT based in Johannesburg.

Sleepwear Styles:

There are two collections to choose from;  The Classic Collection and The Flirt Collection.  The Classic Collection, also our original collection, consists of a simplistic straight cut gown, available in an above the knee cut and an ankle length option, as well as a shirt and short pyjama set.  The shirt and short set is also available in full length, with the option to mix and match short and long according to preference.  The final piece in our Classic Collection is the typical boyfriend shirt which is available on custom orders.

The Flirt Collection is our signature collection and is much more playful and whimsical.  This collection is made up of the Flirt gown and the Flirt pajama set. The gown is more of a kimono style with a flirt flare at the elbow and above the knee.  The flirt pajama sets consist of strappy tops with a playful frill hemline and our classic shorts, also sporting the playful hemline.

Current sleepwear trends:

The essence of sleepwear is comfort, but women (and men) want to look and feel good while being comfortable.  The Lilies and Lust brand likes to incorporate the beauty of fresh florals and fabrics into beautiful style and ultimate comfort.  Many of our customers are brides and bridesmaids.  Their purchases are gifts used for on the day hair and makeup.  Thus, we love making memorable pieces to feature in their big day.

Buy their products online:

Visit Lilies and Lust’s online shop to browse through all their products.  For custom wear, you can contact them directly via email on  Their products range from R280 for a pair of personalised slippers to about R630 for long gowns and pajamas.  The prices vary according to the client’s requests.

Follow Lillies and Lust on Social Media:

Follow their Instagram and Facebook pages to see their latest work or even catch a special offer!  They love sharing all their items on their social media pages;  Especially pictures of bridal parties!

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