Engagement shoots and why are they so important?

Engagement shoots and why are they so important? We hear of a lot of couples that don’t book an engagement shoot.  The excuses we hear include not liking to pose or don’t have the time etc.  Some are really valid, but some are not as great.  Book your engagement shoot with your favorite photographer or photographers and see which ones you like the most.  Remember different photographers have different styles and personalities.  Finding the perfect wedding photographer for your big day is extremely important.   Here are some reasons why engagement shoots are so important.

Test out different photographers:

When you buying a car or house, you first have a look at what it has to offer.  Why should it be any different when booking a wedding photographer?  A lot of wedding photographers have various engagement and couple shoot packages available.   Book either an engagement or couple shoot with photographers you like.  This gives you the opportunity to meet the photographer.  Work with the photographer and experience their service and products.

Get to know your photographer:

This is so important.  Out of experience, we can tell you that getting to know your photographer before the wedding is super important.  However, it is not the end of the world if you don’t “know” your photographer before your wedding day.  Especially if you book a very well known photographer that is used to shooting mostly international clients in different locations.  Usually, this kind of photographer won’t have the opportunity to meet their clients before the wedding day.  If your photographer is used to this, then you have nothing to stress about.

Learn how to be comfortable in front of the camera:

Not everyone loves the camera or being in front of one.  This is probably one of the most difficult things to do when you are camera shy.  During your engagement shoot, you will get to know your photographer. Focus on the photographer and his/her directions rather than stressing about the camera.

Most couples would tell you that they are much more relaxed after their engagement shoot and excited about their wedding shoot.

Let your photographer show you some posing tips:

Most of us don’t know how to pose and what to do when the camera faces us.  Engagement shoots will help with this.  Your lovely photographer photographed so many amazing couples before.  He/She understand that you don’t know what to do.  Professional photographers will show you easy poses that photograph extremely well.  This will make you look great without having to stress about posing.  No need for you to stress about your hands, hips or position.   Just go with a flow and let your photographer assist you if you are unsure about a pose.

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