The Umkomaas Engagement Shoot of Alistair & Shannon

The Umkomaas Engagement shoot of Alistair & Shannon.  There are so many hidden gems in South-Africa that the citizens of the country have not even explored yet.  Alistair & Shannon got engaged on the 22nd of June 2019 and kicked off their wedding Journey with an engagement shoot.  They decided to look for their own little special place and came across a beautiful coastal town in KwaZulu-Natal – Umkomaas.  This couple embraced the beauty and versatility of Umkomaas and expanded their engagement shoot to five different locations.  They took pictures in the street, in a restaurant setting, in a bush with flowers, at the beach and in a beautiful nursery.

Browse through Alistair and Shannon’s pictures and be inspired by the beauty of nature.  What can be better than finding a special place to share with your loved one?  We hope that this photoshoot inspires you to take time to do research and discover your own hidden gem.  Enjoy the lovely photographs of the talented Blissfully Yours Photography took.

Engagement story:

Alistair and I booked a weekend away at the Estuary Hotel & Spa in Port Edward to celebrate our 5 year anniversary.  We arrived late in the evening as Alistair had to fly back from Pretoria and his flight was delayed; So his nerves were through the roof and I was none the wiser.  Saturday morning we woke up and went for a drive to see what was around the area.

Alistair kept checking his watch and said he had breakfast plans for us.  We went back to the hotel and he escorted me to our room.  When I entered, I was greeted with rose petals sprinkled across the floor leading towards the bed.  The bed was covered in red rose petals and a Teddy Bear.  On the veranda was a table set up with all my favourite foods for breakfast, a champaign bottle, a letter and a little box.

Alistair grabbed the box, bent his knee and popped the special question.  I was over the moon and jumped in to hug him and said YES!  I then turned around to see his sister, Kylie, and her boyfriend, Andy, walking out from behind the curtains and out of the cupboard where they had been hiding and videoing our special moment.

Photoshoot location:

Our engagement shoot was in Umkomaas.  I changed the venue with Cheney a few times because I wanted a unique scenery.  There is a place I use to go to with my one friend as a child – the Hope Shop that her aunt owns.  It is a unique setting with various places we could take pictures.  During this hour shoot, we managed to get pictures in the street, in a restaurant setting, in a bush with flowers, at the beach, and we ended off at Illovo nursery.

Engagement location:

We were looking for a place to go away to celebrate our 5 year anniversary.  We did a bit of research and eventually found this place that looked absolutely breathtaking.

The Wedding Date:

We are signing our papers early on the 22nd July 2020 – my dad’s birthday.  He passed away when I was three and I wanted this date to be our date going forward.  However, we are having our full celebration the weekend after.  We are having casual Braai on the Friday and our wedding ceremony will be held on Saturday, 25 July 2020.

Article Credits:

Photography:  Blissfully Yours Photography