The Casual Wedding of Francois & Monica

The Casual Wedding of Francois & Monica.  This couple would describe their personality as casual and laid back.  Thus, it was important for them to create an atmosphere where they can completely be themselves and embrace everything about their special day.  They chose The Cowshed as their wedding venue – especially for the breathtaking scenery and beautiful accommodation which allowed them to enjoy a weekend wedding with their loved ones.  The Cowshed pride themselves in the way they make their guests feel welcome and celebrate new chapters and family relationships.  As an extension of this wonderful new chapter for Monica and Francois, they decided to enjoy a relaxed honeymoon in Zanzibar.

Read more about Francois and Monica’s casual wedding day and what they did to make this wedding represent their unique personalities and relationship.

Engagement Story:

In April last year the two of us went away for a romantic weekend to Parys in the Freestate.  Francois suggested that we wake up early to watch the sunrise the Saturday morning.  The next morning it was overcast and misty, so I rather wanted to sleep in, but he insisted we still get up.  He made us some tea and we went to the balcony.  As we were overlooking a beautiful green misty mountain, he got on one knee and asked me to marry him.  He took me completely by surprise, because our plan was to only get engaged when we turn 30 in 2020.  The ring, which Francois designed himself, was exactly what I wanted – simple and timeless.

Wedding Dress Inspiration:

I started looking around for dress inspiration on the internet and didn’t see anything that I really liked.  I also went to fit a few dresses.  All the dresses were beautiful, but none felt like ‘the one.’  A while after, I saw a picture of a two piece wedding dress from a French designer and I knew that was what I wanted.  I’m a very casual dresser so I loved the idea of having a two piece that’s romantic but also super comfortable to wear.  Mutual friends recommended Suné Snyman, a designer from Cape Town, and she immediately understood the idea.  It turned out amazing!

Favourite Wedding Memory:

We both agree that our favourite part was walking out of the chapel after the ceremony.  It was such a joyous and fun moment and it was so special to greet everyone who’s come to celebrate the day with us.

The Venue:

We wanted an out of town, weekend wedding where family and friends can sleep over.  We loved The Cowshed’s setting between the Highveld mountains.  They have amazing accommodation on the venue grounds and it fitted the look and feel of our casual wedding day perfectly.  We also liked that the venue is already beautiful, so we didn’t need to bring in too much extra decor.

Wedding Colors & Decor:

Our starting point for flowers, decor and colours were proteas and greenery.  It was the first flowers Francois gave me when we started going out, and one of the very few flowers that I’m not allergic to.  Francois looks great in a navy suit, so from there the colours evolved to be shades of blue and pale green with pops of bright pink.

Francois and I are generally laid back people so we didn’t want to fuss over small details too much.  The table decor was simple and straightforward with eucalyptus leaves (Francois’s parents have many eucalyptus trees on their farm) and single pink proteas.  We added some fynbos in between, and also in my bouquet.

Wedding Cake Story:

We asked my mother to make the cake and gave her free reign.  She made the most amazing naked chocolate ‘mud’ cake and decorated it with our favourite fruits.

Advice to other couples:

If you know organizing and planning is not your strong point (like me), get someone who can help you through the process.  Don’t sweat the small stuff and stick to what resonates with you as a couple.  Don’t try to do something that does not fit your personalities.

Musical Choices:

Our first dance song was Maps by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs; One of our all time favourites!

Service Providers:

Photographer:  Okay Deer
Venue:  The Cowshed
Dress:  Suné Snyman Design
Hair and makeup:  Ikon Image
DJ: James Olckers