Anniversary Shoot of Ricardo & Tina in the streets of Amsterdam

Anniversary Shoot of Ricardo & Tina in the streets of Amsterdam.  Ricardo and Tina got married in Dullstroom, South-Africa and relocated to Amsterdam in the Netherlands after their wedding day.  For their one year anniversary, they took on the beautiful streets of Amsterdam to capture this special time in their lives.  Amsterdam is known to be one of the most romantic cities in the world, and even more so during the winter months.

Ricardo and Tina dressed up in cozy winter clothes and reenacted a normal day, scrolling through the streets of one of their favorite areas in Amsterdam – the Jordaan area.  The naked trees, wet pavements, and misty skies created a romantic atmosphere for Ricardo and Tina to celebrate their love.

Scroll down to get lost in Amsterdam’s beauty during winter months and discover how easy it is to plan an anniversary photoshoot!  Thank you to Dust and Dreams Photography for the amazing photographs.

The Wedding

We got married on the 1st of December 2018 at The Hothouse venue in Dullstroom.  We were privileged enough to share this special day with family and some of our closest friends.  It really was the best day of our lives.

Why did you choose Amsterdam for your first wedding anniversary?

We reallocated to Amsterdam from South Africa a few weeks after our wedding.  Our amazing wedding photographers, Dust and Dreams Photography, happened to past by Amsterdam and offered to do a one year anniversary shoot for us.  This was an amazing idea and looking back now, it was the best wedding anniversary gift we could have asked for.  We now have beautiful pictures capturing us in our new home town in one of our favorite areas in Amsterdam, the Jordaan.

What’s your favorite spots in Amsterdam that other couples should experience?

Amsterdam really is a beautiful city with both winter and summer having its own fairy-tale like feeling. Our favorite spots in Amsterdam include Vondelpark, Het Amsterdamse Bos, A’DAM Lookout, a Saturday morning stroll in the Noordermarkt, a canal cruise in summer and a stroll in the Jordaan area.

Tips for Newlyweds

Our top tips for newlyweds would be: Put yourself in your partner’s shoes.  Start early in creating good habits of making time for each other.  Always try to be the best version of yourself for your spouse and just be yourself.

What is your favorite thing to do as partners?

In general, we really enjoy a morning coffee together before work.  Other than that, we also enjoy travelling and weekend bike rides through the various parks in Amsterdam.

Who makes the food?  What is your favorite go-to food?

Preparing food is definitely a team effort (although Ricardo would disagree), he usually does the cooking and I do the chopping.  When we are not in the mood to make the food, we usually just make pasta or order some pizza.

What do you for fun as a couple?

We really enjoy taking road trips together and some of our favorite memories comes from time spent on the road together.  We replaced our cars with bicycles a while ago.  Thus, over the past year our road trips have evolved into cycling trips through Amsterdam.

Article Credits:

Photographer:  Dust and Dreams Photography
Location:  The Netherlands, Amsterdam