Aisha & Jentel’s Anniversary in the City of Love. Paris!

Aisha & Jentel’s anniversary in the city of love.  Paris!  What a perfect place to celebrate and capture five years of marriage.  A boldly romantic setting for a boldly romantic couple, whose love and faith paved the way to this specific moment in their lives.  Aisha and Jentel, from St. Augustine in Florida, married at a young age, with only two witnesses and a whole lot of love to accompany them.  They grew up into adulthood together, building their relationship strictly on unconditional love and respect.

Five years after they said ‘I do,’ Aisha knew that it is about time they get professional photo’s taken of them, as they never had an actual wedding.  Although Aisha and Jentel were dressed up in stunning formal attire, their photographer managed to capture their love in a sincere way.  Every smile, kiss, and glance at each other, show their deeper connection and how their relationship has evolved over the past five years.

Scroll down to look at Aisha and Jentel’s anniversary photos and allow yourself to be carried away by the romance of Paris!  The talented Paris based photographer, Daria Lorman photographed Aisha & Jentel’s Anniversary in the City of Love so well.

Love Story:

We got married on February 10th, 2014: The day I said I do forever. The day that made a commitment to unity.  To fight for peace everyday.  To ensure a solid foundation.  Just him and I.

At age 22, I was turned down by 14 medical schools, underpaid and struggling with purpose.  My destiny was interjected with a person that didn’t see me in that moment, but believed in my potential.  He overlooked my flaws and wouldn’t let me go when I felt lost without direction.  He saw me through my transition from childhood to adulthood.  We built on something that was strictly love.  No bells, no whistles – just love.

5 Year Anniversary Shoot:

After 5 years of marriage, we were able to reflect on how much our love and faith catapulted us into accomplishing more than we could ever imagine.  So we decided to invest in ourselves and take an international trip that would forever expand our minds.

One of my dreams was to have professional photos, because we never had a wedding.  We did not have any professional photos and I knew this was the time.  I began researching Paris photo shoots and I found an amazing Instagram of Daria Lorman – Photographer in Paris.  Daria made our dreams come true by capturing our love in a sincere way.  The photos are an expression of our deeper connection.

Fun things Aisha & Jentel do as a couple:

We travel a lot together.  To experience and see new places for the first time together, has truly brought us closer.  We love watching documentaries and discussing how they could potentially impact the world around us.

Tip to newlyweds:

Respect: respect the difference that each of you brings to the union.  Be open to embracing who they are, not who you want them to be.

Who is responsible for food and what is your go-to food?

Aisha 100%.  Smoothies and wraps. We are a sucker for a good protein smoothie!

Article Credits:

Photographer: Daria Lorman Photography