The Simplistic plant lovers dream wedding of Francois & Marissa

The Simplistic plant lovers dream wedding of Francois & Marissa at Smitsfield Venue in Mpumalanga.  If you love the simplicity of clean lines and modern designs you will love this couple’s wedding.

We are totally in love with Marissa’s custom-designed wedding gown.  It’s simplistic, yet so elegant and modern.  Just love the open back of her wedding gown.  It is important for any bride to feel super comfortable in her wedding gown.  This way you know you will enjoy the day feeling good about yourself.

Every detail of this wedding is pretty.  All the floral arrangements and decor includes elements of Green and White.  They used different plants and leaves as part of their floral designs.  They kept their wedding decor simplistic and modern.  Tall black candle holders with white candles give the table some height.

Talented South-African wedding photographer, Kreativ photographed this couples spectacular wedding.  Enjoy this beautiful wedding on Vivacious Weddings below.  Remember to share it with your friends and family if you love it as much as we do.

Engagement Story:

We were on a camping trip in the Drakensberg. The morning I woke up drinking coffee with close friends by the campsite.  I was still in my pj’s, when Francois told me to get in the car and that he is taking me on a helicopter ride. I had no idea what was about to happen, I just thought this was one of his romantic, adventurous gestures. We drove up to Cathedral Peak where the helicopter was waiting for us. We had a very scary but fun flight over the mountains, stopped at the top for some sightseeing where he popped the question.

Wedding Dress:

I actually had a different picture in mind when I went material shopping for my dress. Then I saw something else and changed my mind on the spot, bought the material and then had my dress custom made. I knew from the start that I wanted something very simple and classic, yet I still wanted the material to be something more special.

Favourite Wedding Memory:

Walking down the aisle with the biggest smile on my face, while our favourite song plays (Sometime around midnight, Airborne Toxic Event) while watching my husband fighting extremely hard to hold back his tears.

Advice to other couples:

Everyone probably says this, but don’t overthink everything. Don’t sweat the small stuff, not worth it 🙂

The Honeymoon:

We went to Italy, skiing in Livigno, sightseeing in Bergamo and went up Mont Blanc for a very special valentines day.

The Venue:

We loved the look and feel of Smitsfield, very modern, combined with old school, yet super stylish. The people that own the venue is also super helpful, and they really made an effort to make us feel at home. They pay so much attention to the detail of everything, so you don’t have to worry about much on your special day.

Wedding Colours and Decor:

We had no specific colours, everything just very natural with greenery and nudes.  My husband and I both love plants and we did not see the point in getting all those hundreds of flowers to only see them go to waste. So we had loads of leaves and plants, some of which are now planted in our garden and some used in our home. We love simplicity and we felt that the venue was already so beautiful that we did not need any ‘over the top’ decor.

Song Choices:

My husband compiled a playlist months before the wedding with all our favourite songs, mostly old school, 80’s. Our first dance song was ‘I got you babe’ by Boom Forest. This version of the song is beautiful!

Wedding Service Providers:

Photographer: Kreativ
Venue: Smitsfield Venue
Dress: Custom made
Make-up: Blooming Blush
Hair: Bride did it herself
Runners and napkin hire: Hetta’s Decor
Flowers, decor & design: Bride and bride’s mom did all this themselves