The Picturesque Yzerfontein Beach Wedding of Nina & Alex

The Picturesque Yzerfontein Beach Wedding of Nina & Alex photographed by the talented Jo-ann Stokes.  Yzefrontein is a small coastal town on the west coast of South Africa.  It’s beautiful coastal landscapes and lovely beaches make it a popular destination for intimate weddings.  Smaller weddings are becoming very trendy in 2020 and we will see this trend overflowing into 2021.  Nina and Alex had only twelve guests at their wedding who were intimate family only.

We were amazed at how pretty this wedding was!  Wow!  Totally in love with the wedding decor and floral designs. Yes!ExclusiveFlowers did the lovely floral designs at their wedding.   Their core colour was blush-pink and dusty blue.  The couple wanted a wedding which is colourful in soft shades inspired by the area’s the environment.  It’s always a great idea to find inspiration from the environment you love.  Nina’s wedding dress is stunning, read more about her wedding dress in the article below.

If you are planning a beach wedding then the picturesque Yzerfontein beach wedding of Nina & Alex will give you so much inspiration.  Start planning your wedding now and source reliable and professional wedding vendors from our wedding directory.


Alex proposed on boxing day during our first holiday to the Netherlands! It all started with a romantic and somewhat adventurous walk through the cobbled streets of Amsterdam.  I remember all the sparkling Christmas lights. Sipping on hot gluhwein and being absolutely freezing cold walking along the canals…

In the comfort of our cozy, warm and very pretty apartment, Alex asked me to marry him.  He said: “My Nina, you’d make me the happiest if you were to be my wife”.  We spoke of this dream often and my response was as though we were having one of our usual chats “Alex my love, yes, of course, I will be…” “No my love”, he interrupted as he gently held my shoulder, “You, don’t understand…”

I looked over and he reached into in pocket and pulled out a shiny box, smiled emotionally and looked at me, “Will you please marry me?” – “Yes, Yes again, of course, I will!” I shouted.

He casually passed the box on over to me. Giggling through my happy-tears I had to remind Alex that he still had to put the ring on my finger, literally…

Alex popped our favourite champagne before we headed out to the next part of our adventure, I had never been happier, it was so emotional!


Yzerfontein is one of our most favourite places, the venue was chosen based on the location it was in. As our wedding was very small (We had a total of 12 guests at our wedding, it was our most immediate family only.) it allowed us to book a holiday home that accommodated everyone for our little family elopement.

We really wanted to treat our family to an unforgettable day.  It was important to choose a venue that everyone would enjoy, feel comfortable in but also have a luxurious and super special experience.  As most of us are based in Johannesburg, this was a little like a destination wedding for us.

Thyme & Tide had everything we needed, we said ‘I Do’ on the beach, had a magical reception dinner and dancing indoors, and the most special photo’s during a stunning hour-long sunset.

The location was so beautiful and felt that little extra had to be done to make it extra special. The venue had everything that we required.

Favourite wedding memory:

It’s impossible to simply pick one favourite memory, it was such a special day and we had so many favourite moments. I will never forget the feeling and the look in his eyes when Alex said “I Do!” and the minister officially pronounced us Husband and Wife – that kiss*

The story behind the wedding dress:

My wedding dress quickly became one of my most treasured wedding experiences. I’ve always wanted a formal snazzy wedding dress but our wedding was casual and I really wanted to enjoy the day, be barefoot playing along the beach and be able dance around. I found my dress from Anna Campbell, I absolutely love her dresses.

Mine was called The Mia, it was a sample dress that I bought through a direct online sale. As it was ordered from Australia, I chose the dress carefully based on it’s overall casual look, the potential alterations we may need to make, and it had a lot of the elements I wanted: silk, lace, soft flowing skirt perfect for the beach.

The dress is made of 100% natural ivory silk underskirt, with fine silk tulle overskirt and the bodice is finished with delicate handmade french ivory lace.

My mom is phemonemal, we kept the structure without compromising the design or classic AC look. My mom shortened the dress (I’m a shorty) and altered the bustle, added a delicate lace trim finished with pearls around the full dress and train, and a couple of alterations to assist with better fit around arms and bust. It was many many hours but we finally had my perfect dress, and the time we spent together on the dress leading up to the wedding, and getting ready together, will always be treasured.

Wedding Colours:

Our decor and colour inspirations go hand in hand and we’re all about the beautiful natural elements that the coastal area brought.

The core colours were blushed pink and dusty blue but we wanted a colourful wedding in soft shades inspired by the area’s environment, it’s so pretty! We wanted all the colours of the sunsets, the oceans dramatic waves of colours, the sand that sparkles with all the pink and purple colours of the shells it’s made of.

We had a boho-inspired beach ceremony on the dunes with the ocean behind us, our reception table was filled with the prettiest flowers and dried naturals, with detailed beach themed elements for a luxurious coastal feel.

Wedding Cake:

We wanted a simple cake that everyone would be able to enjoy. We had a small cutting cake and cupcakes, which were taken home as a treat and we enjoyed the small cake with coffee after dessert. No party is complete without cake!

It was a naked hazelnut sponge cake with whipped chocolate ganache filling and a vanilla buttercream frosting, decorated with our wedding flowers and the topper; we have had this at home for years it’s a couple embracing engraved at the base; a sweet promise: “To always hold dear the promise of our love”


We stayed in a little cottage nearby, Maki Saki.  We spent the rest of the week in our favourite place by the sea. It was a perfect mini-moon.

Advice to other couples:

Define what the most important things are to you as a couple (The Must Haves & Non-Negotiables versus “it would be nice”). Set your budget and stick to it.  Sacrifice items that are not a Must Have to stay within budget.  Find creative ways to achieve what you want within the budget. Try your absolute best not to go into massive debt – it’s not worth it.

We were originally going to elope but for us, the non-negotiable was having a beach wedding with our parents & siblings present. It was an extremely difficult decision to not invite friends/extended family to our wedding.  We could not afford a large beach wedding, and it was impossible to choose who should be invited and who shouldn’t. So, we landed on a micro-wedding which allowed us to do exactly what we wanted, within budget.

Have fun planning and don’t sweat the small stuff! Seriously, if it’s causing you stress, anxiety & money loss – let it go! Don’t forget why you’re planning the wedding in the first place…

Find the time to enjoy the most important moments as newlyweds. It doesn’t matter what your wedding ends up being; time flies by and before you know it’s all over – be sure to find a special moment together to truly take in and appreciate your special day.

Musical Choices:

We did our own music and created our own playlist. Some are just adorable and worked well. Like Sugar Sugar by The Archies for cutting of our wedding cake. Others were very special with a specific meaning.  A Meaning like our walking down the aisle songs: Here On Out – Dave Matthews and Come What May – Moulin Rouge edit.

Our first dance song was Etta James – At Last.  It’s a special, classic, song and perfect to waltz to.  We did a special version of the Viennese waltz as our first dance.

Wedding Service Providers:

Photographer: Jo-ann Stokes
Venue: Thyme & Tide
Accommodation: Maki Saki
Make-Up & Hairstylist: Makeup by Lauren
Florist: Yes!ExclusiveFlowers
Minister: Stephen Van Basten
Stationary: Oh Yay
Wedding Cake and Cupcakes: Florentines
First Dance: Five6Seven8 Dance Studio
Rings: GC Manufacturing