Live Wedding Painting by Danielle Jordaan Art

Live Wedding Painting by Danielle Jordaan Art is a must-have for all weddings.  This is probably the coolest wedding service ever.  What a stunning way to capture your wedding day into a memory that will last a lifetime.  Danielle will arrive at your wedding and paint the wedding scene you prefer at your wedding.  This is not just a cool service, but also quite entertaining for guests to see.  Art is so beautiful and has a sentimental value to both the artist and the owner who buys the art.

This can also be a great wedding gift to the couple getting married.  Although Danielle is based in Cape Town, South Africa, she is available to travel worldwide for live wedding paintings.  If you love the idea of an artist painting a specific scene at your wedding, then this article is one you should not miss. We chatted to Danielle, the artist behind Danielle Jordaan Art.  To read more about the live wedding painting by Danielle Jordaan Art, scroll down.

Danielle Jordaan’s story and art journey:

My love for art-making started with my artist mother. She pursued art as her full-time career when I was a teenager and I loved watching her grow in her career and as a businesswoman. I had the privilege of studying for a diploma in fine art at Ruth Prowse School of Art based in Cape Town, South Africa right after high school. So, I knew I wanted to make art my full-time vocation but searched for alternative creative avenues to support my art career. I continued with my studies in graphic design to become a content creator, but the drive to work for myself overpowered the need to please clients. I still plan about furthering my studies at the Florence Academy of Art in Florence, Italy to pursue realism art and refine my skills as an artist.

What inspired you to start doing your art at Weddings?

My friend was getting married soon and I wanted to gift her with a sentimental gift I knew she would like. I have been painting from life/ Plein air painting before that so the concept of painting from life, in real-time in from of people wasn’t all that new to me. My friend was so excited about the idea and gift. I posted a pic on social media of the painting and process and I got so many inquiries after that. There aren’t that many live painters in South Africa yet (Which I hope changes!) so the idea is quite wonderful for couples and event planners.

The service Danielle Jordaan offer to brides-to-be:

I capture weddings in real-time on canvas for couples as a sentimental memento. This is either commissioned by the couple themselves or a gift from friends/ family. Live wedding painting is an I also paint custom commissions from the couple’s favourite wedding pictures.

How does your live painting service work?

Depending on the scene the couple would like me to paint, I arrive 2-3 hours before the ceremony starts to capture the venue. As the guests start to arrive, I paint them in as well. I usually take a few videos and pictures of the bride and groom while the ceremony continues. I proceed to paint at the reception where the couple and guests get to see the progress of their painting.

Do you start and finish the painting at the actual wedding?

Depending on the size and how much detail the couple would like me to add, I don’t always finish the painting on the day of the wedding. There is a 4-8 week lead time after the wedding until the painting is finished and posted to the couple’s doorstep. Wedding paintings can take up to 8 – 18 hours to complete.

Different painting sizes:

I have 4 different packages to choose from, depending on the size. The smallest being A3 size and the largest A1. I am also open to couples wanting to have a custom painting size made, with the smallest being 14 x 8.5 inches/ 297 x 420 mm.

Based in Cape Town, South Africa, available to travel worldwide:

I love travelling for weddings! I actually have two weddings booked this year and the next to go and paint in America. A dream wedding painting destination (And not limited to) is Italy, Portugal and France. Oh, what a dream that would be! No destination is limited.

Contact Danielle Jordaan for your artwork:

Follow her journey on Instagram and Facebook for her latest wedding paintings.  You can also read more about her artwork and services on her website.   Want to know more about her service?  Please click here to send her an e-mail.

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