Elizabeth & Perry’s Glamorous Wedding Day

Elizabeth & Perry’s glamorous wedding in Limpopo South Africa at the luxurious five-star Fusion Boutique Hotel is something to swoon about!  Every aspect of this beautiful couple’s wedding day is just simply elegant.  You should not miss this article.

Elizabeth looked so pretty in her wedding gown. We are totally in love with the finer details on her dress and how it puffs up at the bottom. She looked absolutely breathtaking and we love the natural look of her makeup and hair with the most beautiful hairpiece.  Perry was just as handsome in his formal tuxedo.  We love the white jacket with the black pants, it’s such a timeless style that just screams elegance.

Talented Limpopo-based wedding and lifestyle photographer, Charl vd Merwe Photography captured every second of this couple’s wedding into the most captivating images which will always bring back happy memories.

Their wedding reception was an elegant banquet with friends and family.  The glass dining tables with touches of gold elements on the table are something one doesn’t always see.  Those golden chairs are absolutely out of this world and fit in perfectly with this couple’s glamorous wedding style.

The pink and white wedding floral designs in the centre of the wedding table are the perfect height.  This way guests can still socialize with one another around the table without having to play hide and seek with oversized table centrepieces.  Candles on the tables bring a romantic flare to the wedding decor and give the wedding venue a warm and romantic feel.

Scroll down to read more about Elizabeth & Perry’s glamorous wedding day and their beautiful engagement story and more.  Oh and don’t forget to take in all the pretty photographs of their wedding which will definitely have to form part of your inspiration board for your wedding.

Engagement Story:

My engagement story was an interesting one. My then fiancé’, now husband, culture’s interpretation of engagement is very African.  In my husband’s culture, engagement is not official until families from both sides meet and “engage” on matters of mutual importance for the couple.

My husband’s family had to write a letter which was hand-delivered by a messenger to my family to request a meeting date between the families.  My husband was tight-lipped the whole time when making arrangements with his side of the family to maintain the element of surprise.

To cut the long story short, I had only known that I am getting proposed to when my family received the letter and informed me about it.  After the families successfully concluded the engagement meeting, I only got to put on my engagement ring.  That is as romantic as it gets!

Wedding Dress:

Finding a perfect wedding dress is where it all starts.  I wanted a modern look with unique details.  A sight off-white mermaid wedding dress that has a tan mesh torso with lace detailing and beadwork consisting of a bottom that has a touch of lace that brings a little sparkle to the dress.  It finishes off with a plain tulle that gives the mermaid effect to complete the exquisite look.

I opted to have a two-in-one detachable piece with a sweep train of about 2 meters (79 inches) long.  The rest of the detachable piece (over-skirt) adds subtle drama.  Hair was done by Nanar and make-up by Beauty Canvas Studio.


We originally had the plan to travel to three European countries for our honeymoon.  Our plan was put on hold due Covid 19 travel restrictions.  By the time the travel restrictions were lifted, we were blessed with a baby girl.  Travelling with a small baby out of the country was not ideal.  However, we have planned to continue with our delayed honeymoon plans which will be combined with our anniversary celebrations.

A special thank you:

We would like to give credit to our photographer Charl Van Der Merwe Photography for his tenacious and sincere commitment to capturing an immaculate memory of our wedding.  The portraits he delicately captured highlight how remarkable our wedding day was after all has been said and done.  Charl is absolutely amazing and without a doubt, the best!

Advice to couples planning their wedding:

Marriage is a long journey.  Therefore, couples should always strive to give the best of each other, but not what is left over after they have given the best to everyone else.  Learn to exercise virtues such as forgiveness, compromise, love and respect.  Prayer is the key success factor.

In addition, couples planning their weddings should have a budget and stick to it.  Shop around for the best value.  Communicate with your suppliers regularly, know your marriage contract, attend wedding exposés, have make-up trials, food and wine tasting and so the list goes on.  Or alternatively, appoint a reputable or professional wedding planner.

Pandemics effect on this couples wedding day:

Initially, our wedding was planned for April 2020.  Unfortunately, COVID-19 hit and the wedding was postponed twice.  The big day finally came on 1st May 2021.  While we waited for this day, we lost some of our guests including my mother (the bride’s mom) and as a result, the wedding had to be postponed further for cultural reasons.

She was invested in this day, and to this day, it still breaks our hearts that she could not be part of the wedding.  I am still comforted by the fact that she understood our vision and that we had her blessings to proceed.  We carried out her wishes in our wedding preparations with great support from my siblings who have been my pillar of strength throughout.

In the midst of the pandemic and tragedy, we had the best and most reliable suppliers who were flexible to accommodate and prioritized our needs, especially around dates.  Fortunately, almost all of them remained standing and available during the pandemic.

The Venue:

Fusion Boutique Hotel is the only luxurious five-star hotel in the heart of Polokwane in the buzzing capital of South Africa’s Limpopo Province which is characterized by a unison of personalized attention, plush interiors and a striking infusion of art reflective of a shrine to the extraordinary.

Wedding Colours and Inspiration behind them:

Our wedding colours were soft, sweet, and romantic blush pink with a touch of gold for the ladies; and black tuxedos and white shirts for the gents.  The inspiration behind the colours was the combination of glamour and sophistication.

The inspiration behind the wedding decor:

We wanted fashionable, modern and romantic colouring which complements a multitude of colours.  We had a bit of greenery and white to seal the look.  The use of a few local and many out-of-town suppliers played a pivotal role in the final wedding décor look and feel.  The local suppliers we selected demonstrated quality and talent in the products and services which we purchased.  This is in keeping with our mantra which says “buy local and create employment” in our country.

Wedding Cake:

Our wedding cake was soft, elegant and floral (four) tiers with a touch of gold.  Every item on the cake was edible. The flavours featured in the tiers were death by chocolate, red velvet, vanilla and Bar One.

Musical choices:

Our music was an eclectic compilation of 80’s and 90’s RnB to express our love story.  I walked down the aisle to a saxophone instrumental harmony of “So in love with you” by U.N.V while my husband walked to Bebe Winans “This song”.  The rest of the playlist accommodated young and older guests

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