Elopement Wedding Inspiration at the Italian Dolomites

Brides to be … some Italy wedding inspiration not to be missed!  We have something special for the Orophile Souls who want some gorgeous wedding photoshoot inspiration.  The talented wedding photographer, Nicole Wilcox from North Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, captured this breathtaking styled shoot for you to enjoy.

Italy is such a gorgeous country with so many different landscapes to offer.  If you are an Orophile and love Mountains, then this elopement wedding inspiration will warm your heart.

Nicole, the talented wedding photographer did such great work at capturing the feel of the region.  The absolutely majestic Italian Dolomites also known as the Dolomite Alps located in northeastern Italy made the perfect background for this elopement wedding-styled shoot.

The dramatic peaks of the mountains made for some amazing wedding pictures, especially with the snow that covers these peaks.

They also photographed at the picturesque Lago di Braies, which is better known as the bright blue mountain lake in the heart of the Dolomites.   For some stunning sunset photos, they hiked up the Tre Cime di Lavaredo to get the most stunning sunset photographs.

Elopements are always fun.  You can do whatever you would like, without having to stress.  We are totally in love with the model’s wedding gown and the whole vibe of the dress.  It also worked so well with the setting.

Scroll down to read more about the photoshoot planned by Nicole Wilcox Photography and to see some stunning pictures for inspiration for your own elopement wedding.

Short Description of this styled shoot:

Orophile A person who loves mountains. This elopement shoot takes modern-day romance to new heights.  An autumnal-edged bouquet, a fairytale gown and some of the most magnificent, Instagrammable views you could wish for.  This shoot was set in the heart of Italy, within the beautiful Italian Dolomites where you’ll find breathtaking mountains, clear blue lakes and a big area to explore.

The Inspiration behind this styled shoot:

There are many new and upcoming wedding trends in 2023.  I wanted to strip everything back and create a shoot that highlights the simplicity of wedding elopements and shows that sometimes less, is more.

Italy is one of my favorite countries, the culture, the food and more importantly the scenery.  Whilst travelling over there, I knew that I had to plan an epic wedding elopement shoot.  The Italian Dolomites with their iconic peaks and dramatic views hold a special place in my heart – it’s one of those places you just never get tired of.

I wanted to create a beautiful love statement against such a minimal wedding set-up, and I feel like I have truly captured this.

More about the location:

Let’s face it, the Italian Dolomites have it all; spectacular views, a sprinkle of adventure, and if you plan it just right, that alone time that you have been craving.  I wanted to embrace the Italian views and capture adventure and magic within my photos.  We wanted to use two of the most spectacular views in Italy; we shot at Lago di Braies at sunrise enabling us to capture the sunrise and the tranquility of the lake.  Then we headed up to Tre Cime di Lavaredo (worth the 2.5-hour hike) for a sunset shoot.  By shooting in 2 different locations and two different times I feel like we were able to capture the magic that the Dolomites have to offer.

Floral Designs:

We wanted to use a florist within Italy and have more of an autumnal wedding flower theme.  This has tied in with the natural suit, bringing the whole shoot together.  The florist we used was Fioreria Irmi’s Art flower and decor

The Wedding Dress:

The wedding dress is simple yet creates a bold statement.  The ruffles on the skirt allow for lots of texture and depth.

Advice to couples planning their wedding:

My advice to couples planning their wedding is as follows.  Don’t rush into getting married, take your time and save up before deciding on a date. Once you’ve got the date, book the following 2 most important things: Venue and Wedding Photographer.  These are the two suppliers that get booked up 2/3 years in advance.  From there create a wedding moodboard – this is in essence a collage of images that sum up the overall style and feel that you plan for your wedding.  From here you can prepare everything!  A lot of couples don’t do this, but I highly recommend it!

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