General Feature

Editorial Specifications

Write-up Specifications:

Please read our write-up specifications for advice articles carefully before sending it to us.  Please e-mail your article to and use the Title of the article in the subject line of the e-mail.  If you can, please send it in a Word-document, if not, please just send it in a normal text e-mail.

  • The article should be written in the third person at all times, even if you answer questions.
  • You are allowed to refer to your brand/business three times in the article.
  • The article should be more than 500 words and less than 1 200 words in total.
  • If Vivacious Wedding Blog sent you specific questions.  Each question should be answered with a minimum of 150 words and a maximum of 200 words per answer.
  • Please supply supporting images as per our image specifications below.
  • Please supply us with the name of the writer – we will credit them below the article.

Image Specifications:

We only accept images sent directly from the photographer or if the brand owns the images, then then the Marketing manager can send it to us.  Please forward the below specifications to your photographer that he/she can send us the images for your feature.  Below are the specifications:

  • Send between 15 and 30 images for advice articles.
  • Images should be 2024 pixels wide (height doesn’t matter).
  • We only accept images in JPG file format.
  • Singular images only.
  • No logo’s, no branding, no borders, no layouts and no text on images.
  • We will not accept stock images or phone images.
  • Include the photographers details (rename the images to the photographs names if they are from more than one photographer).
  • Please send the images as per the above specifications via WeTransfer to Dropbox to

Important Information


We want to give our readers something they haven’t seen before.  Therefore we ask that you do not submit your styled shoot at any other wedding magazine or wedding blog for at least 90 day’s after we published the feature on Vivacious Wedding Blog.

Editorial publishing time frame:

It might take between 1 to 3 months before your styled shoot will be featured on Vivacious Wedding Blog.  Due to our limited publishing dates available, we can only publish a small number of styled shoots per month.  You are one of the lucky ones to be featured!