Questions for the couple:

The couple should please answer the below questions in less than 200 words per question.  Please e-mail your answers to editorial@vivaciousweddings.com and use the Names of the couple in the subject line of the e-mail.  If you can, please send it in a Word-document, if not, please just send it in a normal text e-mail.

  • Couples Names (please check spelling).
  • The date you got engaged?
  • How long have you been dating before you got engaged?
  • Tell us your engagement story? (include how and where it all happened)
  • Where did you get engaged? (location or place)
  • Why did you choose this specific location for your engagement?
  • Tell us more about your engagement rings.
  • Do you have a wedding date yet and describe your perfect wedding for us?
  • Where was your engagement photoshoot?  Why did you choose this spot for your photoshoot?
  • Important: Please include a full list of service providers you used for your engagement photoshoot and their website links or e-mail addresses.

Image Specifications:

We only accept images sent directly from the photographer.  If you are the couple or someone else, please forward the below specifications to your photographer that he/she can send us the images for your feature.  Below are the specifications:

  • Send between 30 and 70 images.
  • Images should be 3,000 pixels wide (height doesn’t matter).
  • We only accept images in JPG file format.
  • No logo’s, no branding, no borders, no layouts and no text on images.
  • Singular images only.
  • Please send the images as per the above specifications via WeTransfer to Dropbox to editorial@vivaciousweddings.com.

Important Information


We want to give our readers something they haven’t seen before.  Therefore we ask that you do not submit your engagement photoshoot at any other wedding magazine or wedding blog for at least 90 day’s after we published the feature on Vivacious Wedding Blog.

Editorial publishing time frame:

It might take between 1 to 3 months before your engagement will be featured on Vivacious Wedding Blog.  Due to our limited publishing dates available, we can only publish a small number of engagements per month.  You are one of the lucky ones to be featured!