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Whispering Thorns is a picturesque guest farm situated in the heart of the north eastern part of Mpumalanga, not far from the Kruger National Park. The farm boasts a charming glass venue and chapel, along with a country guest house, which lends itself to a unique setting in which couples are able to experience their dream wedding. The contemporary design of the glass facaded venue and chapel, allow guests to encounter that perfect “get away” feeling. The farm is surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery in the Lowveld. Whispering Thorns offers an exquisite stay whilst being surrounded by the delightful backdrop of the panorama of the grassland of the Lowveld.

The beautiful venue can accommodate a maximum of 200 guests and the accommodation facilities are able to host 24 guests. Whispering Thorns offers an excellent team, consisting of an in house florist, wedding coordinator and bridal consultant. The perfect wedding expert team to help plan unforgettable weddings.

The meaning of Whispering Thorns:
The name derived from the Thorn trees that surround the glass chapel, more specifically, the thorns of the Ziziphus mucrota, known as the Buffalo thorn, “blinkbaar wag-’n-bietjie” in Afrikaans and “mphasamhala” in Tsonga. The thorns are spaced along the length of every branch in pairs. One of the pair points robustly outward and forward while the other curves back and inward in the opposite direction. The Nguni African legend says the thorns tell us something about ourselves – that we must look ahead to the future… but we must never forget where we have come from.


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