Wedding Furniture trends from our industry leader friends at a|CREATE

Wedding Furniture trends from our industry leader friends at a|CREATE.   If you’re reading this – chances are that you have a wedding to plan, yay. You have probably started amalgamating your thoughts and ideas in order to finalize your decisions. Especially on things like your preferred wedding colors, florals, invitation designs, and the venue. Now you’re considering your furniture options.

Wedding Furniture truly has a way of bringing an overall look & feel together – and above all adds an element of reassurance that both you and your guests feel welcome on your special day. Looking at 2019, furniture trends have evolved from the dated white pleather couches – to furniture pieces that embody elements of design, color & above all style. Let’s have a look at a few fresh ideas that will be taking over the wedding industry in 2020.

Less floral, More candles & Statement furniture pieces:

Bridal couples of 2019 are big on utilizing furniture pieces as décor.  By selecting varied statement pieces. a|CREATE is a furniture, Décor and Styling company.  They are based in Somerset West. Boasts a wide range of furniture pieces including statement pieces.  Pieces, such as the beloved Honeycomb Supernova, the Chelsea Couch and the Fringe.

Considering the fact that not every piece will be a statement piece.  We suggest that these items are paired with more subtle, natural chairs and couches. But, this can be accented with colorful cushions. Creating a golden thread between your décor and deconstructed lounge pockets.

Deconstructed Ceremony Seating:

Traditional ceremony seating has always involved church style rows with basic chairs being used. 2019/2020 wedding couples have decided to shake things up by introducing more lounge-type furniture items in their ceremonies. Even the “row” idea has been done away with for some couples. Opting for a circular style gathering, ensuring that on your special day you are surrounded by family and friends. Literally. This also allows wedding guests to feel more comfortable during the ceremony procedures.  It creates a warm and intimate atmosphere for you and your guests to experience.

Separate reception & Dinner areas.

YES PLEASE! This trend is still very new – and a|CREATE is all for it. This new style of celebration embodies the idea of having a separate dining area to the reception area. The dining area can be a smaller, more intimate space.  This is where guests are able to enjoy their dinner in a more kinfolk, “family” orientated style.  Once dinner is over.  Then the party moves over into the reception area. Which is filled with beautiful furniture and cocktail type seating.

Couples can then opt for a separate Look & Feel for this area, selecting bolder colors and unique lighting to create an atmosphere of nighttime celebration. Guests are freer to mingle with family & friends and do not have to station at their designated seats for the remainder of the evening. This area again usually contains fewer floral features, and more vibrant & colorful candles – some couples even opt for freestanding lamps with unique shades that add a modern twist to your celebration.

Suspended Seating:

In 2019/2020 – your furniture dreams have no limit. You can almost do anything you like. Suspended décor elements are nothing new to the wedding scene. But then suspended seating is definitely being welcomed with open arms so you can definitely implement it. Depending on the size of your wedding. A single hanging chair for every second lounge pocket is a great way to incorporate this trend into your wedding.  These furniture pieces are available in all shapes and sizes.  There is no need to worry about missing out on this feature in fear of not finding something which suits the overall feel of your wedding.

The trends are ever-changing:

Trends are ever-changing and evolving in the wedding industry, especially when it comes to furniture & Styling. The best way to ensure your furniture and décor is something beautiful and unique. Remember to contact a professional to assist you in these decisions.  a|CREATE has a wonderful team of creatives who are excellent in what they do.  They and aim to ensure that every bridal couple’s vision come to life through innovation and flair.

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Article was written by Emily-Jean Engelbrecht from a|CREATE
Supernova Image shot by Jacobus Snyman | Shoot for a|CREATE | Venue PJ Olivier Art Centre
Deconstructed lounge shot by Zara Zoo Photography | Wedding by Aleit Weddings | Venue Cavalli
Separate Areas shot by Dearheart Photos | Wedding by KRAAK | Venue Babylonstoren
Extra Image shot by Jacobus Snyman | Shoot for a|CREATE | Venue PJ Olivier Art Centre