Elopement photoshoots around the world with Alexandru & Maria

We are so excited to share today’s feature with you. This is probably one of our favourite wedding features to date.  You will totally understand why when you browse through the photographs.   Their story is a journey of passion for life and their love for one another.   From getting engaged in New York on top of Rockefeller Center to taking elopement wedding images around the world.

This couple had a classy gathering with their beloved ones at a wedding reception in Roman, Romania on 7 July 2018.  Then they went on their dream honeymoon to touch all six continents on their honeymoon.  Maria & Alexandru did exactly what they dreamt of.  They then used this opportunity to do photoshoots in different locations around the world.  This way they have elopement style wedding photographs during their honeymoon.  This is such a brilliant idea.  At Vivacious Weddings, we love to do things differently and this is one example.

Super talented, South-African photographer, Jo-Ann Stokes took elopement style photographs of this couple in Cape Town.  The couple hired photographers from around the world to photograph them in different locations.  Please have a look at the credit list below for all these amazing photographers details.  This is just one magical journey.  The best idea we have seen for a wedding photoshoot ever.  Enjoy Alexandru & Maria Elopement around the world photoshoot below.

Their engagement Story:

We got engaged in New York on top of Rockefeller Center.

When we reached the top of the building, Alex suddenly disappeared (he needed time to place the ring in the box) and I started looking for him. After a few minutes I saw him coming towards me, all smiling, and I started to ask him what happened. Then he started to tell me how much he loves me and that he wants us to be happily ever after. To be honest, I didn’t suspect anything at that point because we do say this kind of sweet words to each other quite often, but then he kneeled, and I started to panic. He pulled the box out of his pocket, opened it and asked the big question. I said yes and people around us started to applaud. We were both extremely overwhelmed and happy. Alex even didn’t hear my answer. He asked me again a few minutes afterwards. 😀

Why did you choose your specific venue?

Firstly, we wanted to have a wedding in our hometown because most of our families and friends live close to our hometown. Secondly, we wanted a venue that was spacious enough to host all our guests and lastly, we wanted something with very simple decor. When we looked into that, we only had one option – the only all-white wedding tent in our hometown and it was perfect.

What was your wedding colours? Where did you get the inspiration from?

White, with accents of gold and a bit of green.

We started with the idea that we want something very simple and that we want to have gypsophila flowers on the tables because they are very delicate. Afterwards we discussed with a company specialised on wedding decorations and they came with some proposals.

What was the inspiration behind your decor?

As mentioned before, we wanted something very simple and elegant.

While looking for inspiration we found the following video that stuck into our mind:

Your favourite memory of your wedding?

Our wedding dance and our speech thanking our parents and friends for being there with us.

The story behind your wedding dress:

I had two dresses

  • a new one which I wore for the religious ceremony and was found by our godmother because she knew exactly what I wanted
  • and the second one which is my mother’s dress, more than 35 years old and looked impeccable. It was my dream to be able to wear it and luckily enough it fit perfectly, without any adjustments.

What were your musical choices for your wedding:

The song we chose for the first dance is Time of my life by Bill Medley (soundtrack from the movie Dirty Dancing) because this has been our song for many years before getting married.

Advice for couples planning their wedding.

Just be patient and do it exactly as you want it. And remember that nothing can be perfect. There will be minor details that will not end up the way you plan them but no one else will notice. So relax! ?

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

It was our dream to travel around the world and touch all six continents on our honeymoon. We are grateful that we were able to fulfil our dream. In our trip, we visited Singapore (Singapore), Sydney (Australia), Auckland (New Zealand), Moorea (French Polynesia), Grand Canyon, Las Vegas and Los Angeles (USA), Buenos Aires (Argentina), Cape Town (South Africa) and Istanbul (Turkey). In order to be able to do this, we had to save up quite a lot. However, this brought us tremendous happiness. Also, while we were preparing for the trip we started asking ourselves what do people in other parts of the world save up for (if they do) and what makes them happy. So, we decided to ask various people we met on our journey these two big questions. We gathered their answers into this video.

Article Credits:

Singapore Photographer: Zara Nasibyan
Sydney Photographer: Javier y Lina Flórez Arroyave
Auckland Photographer: Roxy Be 
Grand Canyon Photographer: Veronika Mshar
Los Angeles Photographer: Fabian Gonzales 
Buenos Aires Photographer: Carlos & Carla Dona https://www.carlosdona.com/
Cape Town Photographer: Jo-Ann Stokes Photography
Copenhagen Photographer: Caroline Aravicius 
Maria’s dress: Revelle Shop
Alex’s suit:  Sarto